We may not know when to use a chef’s knife over a paring knife, but that doesn’t mean we don’t understand the importance of having multiple options on hand. So that you’re fully prepared to handle whatever comes across your plate.

Like in 2016, when on the Monday before Black Friday, we received a last-minute phone call from a New York-based fashion house. They were asking if it was too late to have large banners printed and shipped to their 52 company stores in time for Black Friday.

Of course, to make matters more complicated — each store needed its banner that Wednesday, so that employees would have enough time to install it. This meant we would have only 24 hours to produce all the banners. And ship them to the 52 stores.

Squeezing this job into our tightly booked digital printing production schedule was going to be difficult. But once we received and reviewed the artwork from the client, we realized the one-color job was better suited for silkscreen printing — another in-house printing capability we offer. And one which fortunately had some flexibility with its scheduling. 24 hours later, the banners had been silkscreened, cut, packed, and shipped. With time to spare.

On that Black Friday, shoppers at the client’s stores were greeted with some great bargains — and sharp-looking window banners as well. Seems almost impossible. But that’s what we do.

After all, we’re signmasters.

web2printNew Web-To-Print Inventory System Offers Our Customers A Huge Time-saving Benefit

We recently added a new online management system here at signmasters that allows us to keep an itemized digital inventory of each client’s printed pieces. And allows you, our customer, to conveniently access this inventory through an online portal so that you can quickly place print reorders. Just privately log-in. View your pieces. Place your order. And they’re automatically shipped to you. As an extra benefit, we can create custom-branded artwork templates for you that you can access — and edit — through the system. Which means you can now alter, order, and receive frequently used print pieces faster than you could before through signmasters.


jaymAnd Whose Talents Did We “Draw” Upon to Run This New System?

Jay McLeod — U.S. Air Force veteran, web site guru, and successful independent comic book cartoonist — is heading the new web-to-print system. And he’ll more than likely be using many of the skills and disciplines he learned at these former positions in his new role here. As Web-to-Print Manager, Jay has a whole host of various responsibilities — everything from creating the brand new web portal to working closely with our pick-and-ship department to maintain actual inventory management. He’ll also be our customer service rep for any clients who have questions about the system.

We’re ready when you are

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