We may not be trained to perform a proper backroll into the water, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid to dive into something that was outside our comfort zone of traditional printing.

In January of 2016, a global footwear retailer put us to the challenge of producing the January window displays for their flagship stores. Which might not sound extraordinary. Except for the fact that the displays required very little printing. Which is what we are known for.

Instead, each store required the installation of hanging LED-lit columns that varied in height from three feet to 10 feet at a variety of widths and depths. Plus matching floor risers that varied from 12 inches high to four feet high to display product. In some stores this would require moving walls to achieve the desired window layout.

Acting on the client’s behalf, we found partners to build the columns and risers, and perform the electrical work needed to light the columns. We also located and contracted reliable installers in the cities where we were unable to do the installations ourselves. Then we coordinated all these efforts to ensure the installation teams and product shipments arrived simultaneously — just in time for overnight installations at each store.

The most involved installation was at Rockefeller Center in New York City. It required four nights to install the displays in seven large windows.

With this client’s trust, we proved we can transcend the traditional print projects we’re typically known for. That’s what we do.

After all, we’re signmasters.