We're not chess masters. We’re signmasters.

3 million signs

79 stores

5 weeks to produce

18 months of planning

We may not know the difference between starting a chess match with the Queen's Gambit or the Catalan Opening, but we do know how careful planning and forethought can give our production department every advantage possible. So we can come in for the win when the time is right.

After a global retailer changed the colors in its logo, it came to us to re-do the store signage placed in its 79 outlet stores. This meant printing a mind-boggling 3 million signs. And not 3 million copies of just one sign, mind you. No, the signs came in an equally dizzying variety of sizes, substrates, and combinations of the two — from a 1.5” x 1” magnetic shoe-size label to a 48” x 60” window banner. And everything in between.

Admittedly, printing and delivering this many different signs would be a challenge in itself. But then the client also asked us to: lay out the artwork for the signs; choose the substrates that the signs would be printed on; test the possible sign configurations in the seven different store fixtures; design custom storage boxes for the 44,000 signs shipped to each store; and create a coding system to help store employees easily locate particular signs stored amongst the thousands in each store.

In all, after rounds of client changes and multiple approval processes, the whole pre-production process took about a year and a half. Which ultimately left us only five weeks to print and deliver all the signage. But all our extensive planning ensured everything went smoothly and just as intended during the short production window.

Right after Thanksgiving, all 79 stores had their allotment of signs — featuring the new logo — in time for the holiday shopping season. Just as planned. But that’s what we do. After all, we’re signmasters.


Unlike most printers, we also offer silkscreening in-house (remember silkscreening from shop class?!) 


Signmasters is one of the few printers who offers offset, digital, and silkscreening capabilities all under one roof — quite an advantage for our clients. By hosting a variety of different printing techniques in-house, we can provide the most efficient solution for your particular project.