We're not ringmasters. We’re signmasters.

60,000 pieces

360 stores

1st of each month

10 years

We may not know how to prevent the parade of elephants from stomping on the clown car and taking out the trapeze net. But we do know how to manage ever-changing, potentially chaotic projects and keep them from becoming a three-ring circus.

As an example, for the past 10 years, an international vitamin retailer has relied on us to produce and ship its monthly signage kits to its 360 stores by the first of each month. That’s about 50,000 to 60,000 pieces every 30 days or so. But don’t be fooled. What seems to be a recurring standardized monthly assignment is anything but.

Comprising each kit every month are roughly 70 promotional signs — in a vast array of different sizes and substrates which change from month to month. In addition, there are four different categories of kits, each with a different inventory makeup. Not to mention an additional 21 individually customized kits.

Besides these always changing production lists and packing requirements, there are also the challenges that come with working with a client that needs help to stay organized. The artwork for the pieces sometimes trickles in instead of being supplied all at once. The production orders are often incomplete or incorrect. The quantities for the pieces can frequently change throughout the month — sometimes even while the jobs are being packaged for delivery.

The production of these jobs requires a lot of checking and re-checking by our team. And many months we’re kept on our toes up until literally the very last possible moment. But we always make the client’s due dates. And the stores get all the correct signage. In fact,we’ve never missed a delivery. Not once in 10 years. But that’s what we do. After all, we’re signmasters.

Unlike most printers, we also offer silkscreening in-house (remember silkscreening from shop class?!) 

Signmasters is one of the few printers who offers offset, digital, and silkscreening capabilities all under one roof — quite an advantage for our clients. By hosting a variety of different printing techniques in-house, we can provide the most efficient solution for your particular project.