We're not puppet masters. We’re signmasters.

We may not know how to skillfully maneuver a marionettist’s crossbar to magically bring a puppet to life, but we have learned that sometimes you need to pull some strings in order to make good on a client commitment.

Like the time a national eyeglass retailer came to us to produce a free-standing retail display that it had designed. Initially, this seemed to be a straightforward fabrication project. But once we received the design plans, we had some concerns. We recognized that the units would be structurally unstable once assembled, in addition to being incredibly expensive to produce.

In discussing these issues with the client, we volunteered to properly redesign the piece ourselves. They agreed to see an alternative solution, but we had to act fast — a new design needed to be approved quickly in order to meet the delivery date.

Our art and design departments (not originally assigned to this project) were now needed to provide their respective services. It took some internal behind-the-scenes deal-making and juggling of schedules to free up the necessary people without compromising other projects in the shop. But once this was done, a revamped display was immediately designed — one that was sturdier, easier to ship and break down, and was half the cost of the client’s original concept. The new design also featured a unique base which could be reused for future displays, saving the client money over the long-term as well.

The client loved our design and approved the prototype. And shortly thereafter, all 200 of the newly redesigned display units were on their way to retailers. Ultimately, our decision to reimagine the client’s design and make it more efficient meant we had to trim our final bill — but we always put our clients’ best interests ahead of ours. That’s just what we do.

After all, we’re signmasters.

Unlike most printers, we also offer silkscreening in-house (remember silkscreening from shop class?!) 

Signmasters is one of the few printers who offers offset, digital, and silkscreening capabilities all under one roof — quite an advantage for our clients. By hosting a variety of different printing techniques in-house, we can provide the most efficient solution for your particular project.