We may not know how to determine if it’s a dead battery or a bad alternator that’s keeping a car from turning over, but that doesn’t mean we won’t roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty when a client has a situation that needs fixing.

Like recently while we were installing signage we printed for a major beer event in downtown Manhattan. Our client — who was producing the event — was delighted with how all our materials turned out and was looking forward to a flawless event that evening. That is, until they noticed a huge error that another vendor had made. Panic began to set in.

The material for a large stretch fabric frame display had the wrong graphic printed on it. And our client was going to be in the hot seat for the mistake, even though it wasn’t their fault. Despite knowing it typically takes two to three days to produce a piece like this, we offered to help. This was at 10 am. The event was scheduled to begin at 4 pm.

We quickly made phone calls, pulled some strings and were able to get the job on press, printed, sewn, and delivered in only four and a half hours. Just in time for a 3:00 installation. An hour later, guests were arriving in front of the corrected display, completely unaware of its frantic, last-minute production. It was another seemingly impossible job that our team somehow made possible. But that’s what we do.

After all, we’re signmasters.