We may not know how to attain full enlightenment through centuries-old Buddhist meditation practices. But we have learned how to maintain an inner calm when a project that we thought was dead suddenly reappears without notice.

Take as an example the job we recently completed for a national retailer that was opening a new store. A month and a half before the grand opening, they reached out to us about printing 150 pieces of store signage. We provided a quote for the job, but never received an approval. So we assumed they weren’t interested and that the job was a no-go.

You can imagine our surprise when we received a phone call from them a week before the store’s opening — and during our busiest time of the year — asking when they could expect their signage. Understandably, we could have turned them away. Or even pointed fingers. But instead, we took a deep breath. Calmly explained the situation. And then coolly developed a plan with the client to make sure the store would still receive all the signs in time for its unveiling.

The first priority was obtaining all the artwork files. But the client could only send us a few of them at a time. So we set up a production schedule that enabled us to immediately print, deliver, and install each file as it was received. And when artwork didn’t exist for a particular piece, our in-house art department designed it for the client.

And so, for four days straight, we were constantly shuttling back and forth between our facility and the soon-to-be-opened store, where we kept an installation crew stationed around the clock. And with the very last sign put in place an hour before the first shopper set foot in the store, we had somehow managed to print and install every sign needed. 150 different pieces in a vast array of materials and sizes. Everything from window clings to large canvas graphics. But that’s what we do.

After all, we’re signmasters.